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How to Clean a Fabric Sofa?

Nov 8, 2023 | Upholstery Cleaning

Your couch is a central part of your home decor, and it is a place where you spend quality time with your family. But daily use and constant spills and stains can make it look dirty and grimy.

To prevent that, here we have listed ways to clean your fabric sofa both with and without a machine. It will help you deep clean your sofa and bring back its spotless look.

How to Clean a Fabric Sofa Without a Machine?

If you don’t have a cleaning machine or want to clean your sofa the old-fashioned way, follow these steps.

Note: The initial two steps will apply to both cleaning methods.

⇒ Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Check the manufacturer’s label on your couch before you start cleaning. It is important to know how to read furniture care labels, as It will help you determine which cleaners to use and avoid.

If your couch fabric has a W label, only use a water-based cleaning solution. Similarly, use a non-water solvent for fabrics labelled S.

You can use both types of cleaning solutions for upholstery with a W/S label and none for ones with an X label. Here, we will assume your fabric has a W or W/S label.

⇒ Gather the Cleaning Supplies

Once you know the type of fabric you are dealing with, prepare all your cleaning supplies. Here’s what you’ll need for both methods.

  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Spray bottle
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Upholstery cleaning machine and solution

⇒ Brush your Sofa

Start cleaning by using the soft-bristled brush on your sofa to remove loose dirt and food crumbs from your couch.

⇒ Vacuum thoroughly

Then, use a vacuum, first without any attachment and then with the crevice tool for hard-to-reach spots. It will help you remove any visible dirt and debris from your couch.

⇒ Make The Cleaning Solution

Next, prepare a cleaning solution by mixing two tablespoons of liquid dish soap and white vinegar into two cups of warm water. Test this solution on a small hidden part under your couch and check for fading or discolouration to avoid the risks of DIY stain treatment.

⇒ Remove Stubborn Stains

After this, spray the cleaning solution on the heavily stained areas of your couch and let it sit for 3-4 minutes to act on the stains. Then, apply some cold water on a cloth and blot the stained areas with it. Use a separate rag to dry the spots.

⇒ Clean the Sofa

Similarly, spray the cleaning solution on a clean, white microfiber cloth and start cleaning your sofa. First, clean the surfaces and then proceed towards the cushions, followed by arms and finally the bottom.

⇒ Rinse and Dry

After a few minutes, dip a clean rag in cold water and rinse the entire couch with it the same way you did with the solution. Then, use a dry cloth to wipe the excess water. Turn on the fans and open the windows to air dry the couch.

How to Clean a Fabric Sofa With a Machine?

If you have an upholstery cleaner or have rented one, here is how you can use it to clean a fabric couch.

⇒ Brush & Vacuum

Start by brushing and vacuuming your couch to get rid of excess dirt and debris.

⇒ Spot Treat the Stains

Use the water, vinegar, and liquid dish soap cleaning solution for the spot treatment of the heavily stained areas. It will make removing the stain with the machine much easier.

⇒ Prepare the Cleaning Machine

Fill the tank of your upholstery cleaner with the recommended amount of hot water and the cleaning solution that comes with the machine. Test it on a hidden part of the sofa to ensure there are no side effects.

⇒ Start Cleaning

Start cleaning your sofa from one side and move your way to the other. Go slowly, and make overlapping passes to ensure proper cleaning. You can repeat the process two to three times, depending on how dirty your couch is.

⇒ Apply Cold Water and Dry

After you finish cleaning, go over the entire couch once again with a cloth dipped in cold water to remove excess solution. Repeat with a plain, dry cloth to wipe off the moisture and let your sofa air dry.

These steps will help you restore the pristine look of your fabric sofa and protect it from excess damage and staining whether you have a cleaning machine or not. With regular cleaning, you can keep your couch looking comfortable and inviting for a long time.

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