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The Risks of DIY Stain Treatment: Why you should Consult a Professional

Apr 17, 2023 | Stain Removal

When you accidentally spill a drink on your carpet, your first instinct is to search the internet for a quick fix to remove it. But have you stopped to think that this DIY stain treatment can permanently damage your carpet?

Many homeowners think that they can save money by removing stains themselves but it ends up costing them more in the long run, as not all advice available on the internet is trustworthy.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the risks of DIY stain treatment and why hiring experts is the best solution to remove stubborn stains from your carpet.

1. Overly Wet Carpets

Excess water and moisture are harmful to the carpet, and that is why properly drying your carpet after cleaning is important.

But when you try to remove stains from the carpet yourself, you may end up rubbing the stain and spreading it more, and that will require more water to clean, and because of that, your carpet won’t be able to dry properly.

The most harmful consequence of Inadequate drying is mould growth, as mould spores can lead to many harmful health effects for your family. Also, improper drying can cause discolouration and musty odour on your carpet.

2. Damaged Carpets

Carpet fibres are delicate, and you may end up using harsh commercial products to try and remove stubborn stains from the carpet. These products can be full of harmful chemicals, which should never be used on the carpet to remove any type of stain.

Using harsh chemicals to remove stains from your carpet can cause carpet fibres to shrink and may even lead to permanent discolouration.

3. Mask Stains

When you attempt to remove stains on your own, it may appear that you have cleaned the stain. But in reality, you have just masked the stain rather than removing it completely.

Masking the stains increases the likelihood of them resurfacing, and they can be challenging to remove after that. Also, it may cause an increased accumulation of dirt and debris and may even lead to permanent discolouration of the material.

4. Permanent Stains

If you are not careful while removing the stain, you may accidentally set it deeper into your carpet and make it permanent.

You may have read online that using specific methods can help get rid of stains faster. But not all the information on the internet is true, and using the wrong methods can make the stain a permanent fixture in your carpet.

5. Colour Fading

We mentioned this a few times earlier, but the risk of your carpet getting discoloured is always there with DIY cleaning because of the harsh chemicals present in commercial cleaning products.

While chemical products work effectively on the clothes due to the chemicals getting diluted during the washing, the same is not the case with carpets, as they feel the full effect of the chemicals that permanently discolour them.

6. Ineffective Cleaning Machines

While there are tools available to help you clean the stains by yourself, these tools are not that effective compared to the equipment professionals use. The machines available for rent may help you get some light cleaning done but won’t help you remove stubborn stains from the carpet.

7. Disappointing Results

Cleaning the stains yourself or renting a cleaning machine can be used as a quick fix when there are no other alternatives, but you won’t get your desired result of a spotlessly clean carpet with them.

No two stains are similar, and you will only get disappointing results if you try to use the same cleaning method or product to remove all stains. The number of methods you can use yourself is limited, so you will always end up with disappointing results.

Why You Should Consult a Professional for Stain Treatment?

DIY stain treatment can be risky if you are not careful. It is why we recommend hiring professionals to remove any stubborn stains from your carpet.

A reliable carpet and upholstery cleaning company like us will not only remove stains but also give you helpful advice on how to treat the stain in the future without any side effects.

Call us at 0203 390 2152 and get stains removed by experienced professionals.

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